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Minx Modeling Agency

Notice to Models:

Minx Models has recently changed the process for submitting photos to our agency.

Over the past several years Minx Models has become one of the most popular and largest modeling agencies in the world.

Due to our popularity our agency receives enormous volumes of photo submissions each day from aspiring models. Because of the amount of photos we receive it often takes a minimum of 10 - 12 weeks for us to review photos and notify models that we are interested in representing.

We feel that it is just too long for you to find out if you have been accepted into our agency. In addition, only models that we were able to represent would receive a response. Which left some models wondering if their photos had even been reviewed.

To improve the photo submission process and speed up response times, Minx Models (along with many top modeling agencies) will now be accepting photo submissions though the international model scouting company ModelScouts.com only.

ModelScouts.com is the most legitimate and respected scouting company we have found and we are thrilled to be working with them.

By submitting your photos to us through ModelScouts.com, you will now receive a guaranteed response within 10 business days, rather than waiting 10 - 12 weeks.

To further improve opportunities for our new models, models who are accepted into our agency, that have submitted their photos to us through ModelScouts.com, will have all their start-up costs such as photoshoots, composite cards, website fees, etc. (which can easily add up to thousands of dollars) paid for by Minx Models.

This means that our new models will no longer have the burden of covering their own start-up costs!

Minx Models is pleased to offer this new submission process to aspiring models. We believe it is the most effective way for models to have their photos reviewed by modeling professionals, which in turn will help new models get their modeling careers started as quickly as possible.

To submit your photos to us and other top modeling agencies through ModelScouts.com please click here

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